Changing lives for the better

Ayanda Mbatha

Ayanda Mbatha

This is Ayanda Mbatha, who just a few weeks ago (end July), was standing at a street corner in Blairgowrie – a qualified mechanical engineer who lost his job because of COVID.

Craig Hinds of the band Watershed brought this to our attention at OneWingz of Change, and after putting Ayanda’s story on-air, the response has been SO amazing, that we are so pleased to let you know that Ayanda started his new job as a Project Engineer at Rhocrematics in Midrand yesterday!

Thank you to everyone who responded so positively to Ayanda’s story, and Ayanda, for being determined, humble, and gracious!

It just shows what can be achieved when the odds seemed stacked against you, yet you just swallow your pride, get up, and get out there and make it happen! This all happened in one month!

Listen to the podcast below.