Changing lives for the better

OneWingz and “Poverty Sucks” join hands!

OneWingz and “Poverty Sucks” join hands!

Jaci Tibbit is a multiple winner of numerous beauty pageants, such as Mrs Johannesburg and Mrs Gauteng, and is currently Mrs African United Continent. Jaci uses her platform to change lives for the better wherever she can, and her latest drive is “Poverty Sucks”, where she is aiming to raise R1 million against poverty, by selling lollipops to whichever individuals or corporates will buy them. Jaci came to visit our Mix 93.8FM Just Plain Drive Show, and OneWingz bought 500 lollipops, raising R5 000 for Poverty Sucks.

After our interview, listeners came forward to join the fray, and another 500 lollipops were sold, realizing a further R5 000!

Help Jaci reach her goal, by buying lollipops at R10 each. Check out “Poverty Sucks … Lollipops for Charity” on Facebook.