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Silverstar pays forward steps in for “Beanies for Beings”

Silverstar pays forward steps in for “Beanies for Beings”… with a twist in the tail!

Beanies for Beings is a non-profit entity, started by Megan Botha. Originally Megan wanted to make Beanies for the homeless for winter, but this soon escalated into providing blankets, meals and other essentials to those battling the winter cold and homelessness.

Whatever funds Megan has, she uses for her cause. We were stunned to find out, that Megan has to rely on other charity organisations, to put food on her own table for her and her son!

Listen to the podcast of our chat to Megan here, and how SilverStar Pays Forward not only stepped up for “Beanies” … but also for Megan!